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Structel Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of Axicom, and is the industry leader in structural engineering services for the Australian telecommunications industry. The business specialises in the assessment and design of infrastructure to support the deployment of wireless networks. 

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Company background

A goal to deliver

  • Experience across Australia

    Established in August 1994, Structel has developed best practice processes, procedures and quality systems. Structel has a goal to deliver the most effective and efficient management of tower capacity for customers to ensure access to existing towers with minimum delay and upgrade cost.

  • Commitment and quality

    Structel has gained extensive and diverse experience across Australia, servicing a variety of customers in wireless and fixed line infrastructure deployment.

  • Dedicated customer support

    Structel has a team of experienced and committed professionals who all share a philosophy of "speed to market", quality outcomes, and forging close working ties with clients.

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